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New Products

By Dionysus Translated by Ann Lee

KFC's New Summer Meal Choices
The Italian Parmesan Chicken Sandwich (NT$75/sandwich, NT$129/meal) and the Lappa Konjac Salad (NT$39) are both new meal choices at KFC. In addition, you will find four Doraemon Toy Sets (NT$35/set) that come with Qi Qi Kid's Meals (NT$89). In Doraemon's deput appearance at KFC, a machine cat bounces Doraemon out of a strawberry cake, which is sure to make the kids go wild.

Kiehl's Nymphaea Alba UV Shield SPF 35 / Sunblock

This product is sold only throughout Asia, a sunblock cream with a cool, refreshing texture, and oil-free herbal extracts which prevents the growth of free radicals and spots on your skin created by the sun. The unique nympaea alba and jasmine extracts have a soothing, calming effect on the skin.
Size: 30ml/NT$1,250.

Kiehl's Eye Alert: Get rid of puffy, eyes!
Kiehl's Eye Alert, made with Alfalfa Extract (Medicago Sativa), has an great reputation. The product claims to help with puffiness around the eye area caused by weariness and lack of sleep. Celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Jake Gyllenhaal are both frequent users of this product. Size: 15ml/ NT$900.

Kiehl's SPF 15 Facial Fuel/ SPF 15 Sunscreen
This cream combines moisture and sun protection into one. The added sun protector factor (SPF) supposedly prevents aging and spots, as well as lines created by the sun. However, the cream will not whiten your skin; it will only make it look healthier. Size: 75ml/ NT$1,000.


Reef "Surfboard" Sandals

The Reef Fanning Men's sandal with a bottle- opener sole (NT$1,880) were a great success. Now, Reef Sandals is introducing the men's UnLeashed Sandals, which are like mini foot surfboards. The shoe's "body" looks like a surfboard and the straps look like leashes. One of the straps features a pocket with a Reef fin key, which can also be used as a bottle opener. They cost NT$1,350 per pair, and you can purchase them at any department store with a Reef outlet. For information on Reef agents in Taiwan, call (02) 7720-8585.

Dante Espresso with Rich Milk Ice Cream: 100% Arabica Coffee

Rich milk ice cream with Espresso or Latte, take your pick. This new Dante product can be purchased as an ice cream bar on its own, with coffee as your choice of dip, or simply as coffee- flavored ice cream. Choose from Espresso with Rich Milk Ice Cream (NT$60/medium) and Iced Cafe Latte with Rich Milk Ice Cream (NT$75/medium, NT$95/large).

Starbucks Coffee Presents Red Bean Frappuccino

The second new product in the Starbuck's Frappuccino Series this year is the Red Bean Frappuccino. Made with delicate, fragrant red beans and rich milk, this delicious ice drink is caffeine-free and available for a limited time only!


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