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DJ Gigi takes a 'gourmet journey' through Taipei's alleyways

DJ Gigi takes a 'gourmet journey' through Taipei's alleyways

By Dionysus Translated by Ann Lee

The many listeners who enjoy the radio show hosted by Gigi, or Lin Ru-chi, understand that she is quite a gourmet connoisseur. To underline this point, she recently published a book, titled "On the Corner of the City: Gigi's gourmet journey" (Kate Book Publishers, NT$300). In it, she reminds readers that they don't need to take elaborate trips to discover good cuisine. Rather, you can explore the small alleys within your own city to uncover a multitude of cozy, excellent dining establishments. If this sounds interesting, grab a copy of this book and take your own culinary excursions during this romantic month of Valentine's Day. Below is a sampling of Gigi's recommendations.



-Melange (see p. 16)

Gigi notes: This is an ideal place for young couples because of its more laid-back atmosphere. If you are not looking for large portions, like a steak or set meal, this restaurant offers a good selection of desserts, waffles and light meals like sandwiches. Order up a cup of coffee and you'll be on your way to a romantic interlude with your date.

23, Lane 16, ZhongShan N Rd, Sec 2, 1F
Tel: (02) 2567-3787


Oyster Bistro


-Oyster Bistro (see p. 22)
Gigi notes: This romantically-lit bistro offers a soft ambiance in addition to a great variety of cuisine that will definitely suit the different palates of each couple. If you still feel like having something extra to eat, try ordering some grilled dishes from the Japanese barbecued-meat restaurant next door!

83, ChangAn E Rd, Sec 1
Tel: (02) 2568-1532


VVG Bon Bon


-VVG Bon Bon (see p. 52)
Gigi notes: Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, so it should be celebrated in the sweetest, most romantic way. If you are looking for a place with fairytale-like decorations to take your date to, visit VVG Bon Bon, where you will not only be able to enjoy tasty meals but also create your own sweet, storybook-style memories.

13, Lane 161, DunHua S Rd, Sec 1
Tel: (02) 2711-4505


Viand Chinese Cuisine

-Viand Chinese Cuisine (see p. 54)

Gigi notes: When considering a place to visit for a romantic Valentine's Day meal, most people tend to opt for Western-style restaurants. However, in reality, Chinese-style cuisine is also an ideal choice. Come to Viand for its unique ambiance and order a plate of Meigan Pork (pork simmered with preserved cabbage), savoring it with some red wine for an extraordinary flavor.

7, DunHua S Rd, Sec 1
Tel: (02) 2579-1213


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