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Bremen Tea House

Bremen Tea House

Bremen Tea House

Bremen Tea House

The classy, elegant Bremen Tea House

By Sharon Huang Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Andy Lin

(02) 2773-6155
278, GuangFu S Rd
Hours: 11:30-12 am (or 12 am-2 am, closing hours are flexible.)
MRT: SYS Memorial Station, Exit 2
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

Sometime last year, the owners of Bremen Tea House renovated their establishment, all in hopes of offering an even more comfortable tea-drinking environment to their guests. Over about six months, they took down the old brick wall and replaced inside and outside tables and chairs, before re-opening this charming tea house late last year. Throughout renovations, old customers waited faithfully, perhaps hoping that things would speed up a little. This is testament to Bremen's tea selection and quality, which not only attract tea connoisseurs, but also customers who, like me, have heard so much praise that they had to check it out for themselves.

A visit to Bremen Tea House allows you to select the exact kind of tea you are looking for. There are about 100 different tea options on the menu, including caffeine-free bush teas and fruit teas, as well as a good selection of teas specially-developed by the tea house itself. Given this variety, first-timers may find it difficult to make a decision. In such cases, you can refer to the number of stars next to each tea item, indicating the level of popularity and the tea house's recommendations.

The Golden Age (NT$300) is fruity tea with a chamomile flavor base mixing with hints of kumquat. Since all the fruit-based teas soak inside the tea pot with fresh fruit, you are certain to get a flavorful pot every single time. The Honey-Flavored Bush Tea (NT$600) exudes a refreshing honey and vanilla leaf aroma and is served in large pot perfect for two people to enjoy together.
When ordering a la carte tea items, the staff will also offer you some handmade cookies and, for an extra NT$200, you can enjoy an afternoon tea combo which comes with assorted baked goods, tea jello and a seasonal fruit plate. Coming to Bremen Tea House is more than just sipping a nice cup of tea; you also get an extraordinary overall experience as you're surrounded by the classy decor and the elegant hundred-year-old V&B tea utensils.

Another great thing to try here is the simple but delectable light meals, such as the Baked Au Gratin Lasagne (seafood or beef, NT$300). Add an extra NT$200 to receive a tea drink, tea jello and a fruit plate. Although the food selection is uncomplicated, all meals are made upon order for freshness. This is just another reason Bremen Tea House consistently offers a great way to soak up some time on a lazy afternoon!

Bremen Tea House Bremen Tea House

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