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FYI SOUTH Magazine, June 2006.

Leaning Tower Italian Cuisine Kitchen

105, YuLe St., Tainan City
(06) 236-3783
Hours: Everyday 11 am-9 pm

--By Dawn Reid, John Matthews and Steven Crook Translated by Annie Liu

Leaning Tower thrives by providing hungry students with a good choice of tasty dishes at very reasonable prices. A few minutes walk from both National Chengkung University and the FE21 Mega department store, Leaning Tower offers 25 different spaghetti dishes (NT$70 to NT$120), Baked Potato (NT$70), some gratin items (NT$85 to NT$120), plus starters such as Chicken Nuggets (NT$50) and Lemon Chicken Sticks (NT$60). Spaghetti options include Neapolitan, crabmeat, clam, bacon, and chicken, with a choice of tomato or white sauce. Each dish comes with a free drink, but if you'd prefer tea, several kinds are available (NT$20 to NT$30). Most of the seating is out on the sidewalk, meaning there's no air-conditioning, but if people-watching is your thing, you'll like this eatery. Join the queue, place your order and pay at the cash desk, then watch as the high-tech computer ordering system lets the staff know who wants what.

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