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FYI SOUTH Magazine, June 2006.

Viterbo Italian Restaurant

658, SiMen Rd., Sec. 1, B2, Tainan City
(inside the Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store Food Court)
(06) 303-1238
Hours: Everyday
11 am-8:30 pm

---By Dawn Reid, John Matthews and Steven Crook Translated by Annie Liu

In addition to nine kinds of spaghetti (NT$138 to NT$168), Viterbo serves pizzas (NT$180 for a small one, NT$300 for large), gratin dishes, and soft drinks. There are also several vegetarian options. Portions are moderate in size, but served up on huge dishes; generous amounts of fresh vegetables give the food a light, healthy taste that contrasts nicely with the carbohydrate-heavy richness sometimes found in Italian restaurants. Because this establishment is located inside a department store food court, you can get a meal here even if your companion fancies something totally different -- and then you can get dessert or a drink from another outlet. To find Viterbo, look right as you come down on the escalator, and you'll see it right beside McDonalds.

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