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FYI SOUTH Magazine, November 2006.


Fish and Chips are a fast-food staple. You can bet that this popular UK dish has been around since before hotdogs and cheeseburgers. Its no surprise that in Hong Kong, fish and chips outlets are almost as visible as 7/11's here in Taiwan. Even in Kaohsiung you can enjoy an authentic fish and chips dinner--as long as you know where to find it. In this issue, FYI South takes a look at where to go for traditional Fish and Chips.

---By John Matthews and Steven Crook Translated by Annie Liu

The Pig and Whistle
199, SihWei 4th Road, LingYa District
(07) 330-1006
Hours: Everyday 1F, 11:30 am-1 am (till 2 am on Saturdays)
2F, 8 pm-4 am (till 5 am on Saturdays)
Chinese and English menus available.
All major credit cards accepted.
10% service charge added.

What can be said about Kaohsiung's Pig & Whistle that hasn't already been said? An establishment with a history of firsts in this city and with a UK-inspired Pub decor, of course you will find fish and chips here. And of the genuine cod fish variety, too. Your plate comes with two fried codfish paddies, a heap of fries, tartar sauce and a side of healthy green vegetables for NT$300. You will also find fish and chips available in the kids menu for youngsters 12 years or less of age (NT$150). Included is an unlimited supply of soft drinks or to quote the GM himself, "free flowing soft drinks". Not only will you enjoy the fish & chips on offer, but also a Pub that blends authentic decor and atmosphere giving you real Pub "culture"--pure and simple.

Greenbay Kitchen / Harbour 13

97, HaiBian Road (Located directly on the Love River, where WuFu Road crosses the bridge.)
(07) 251-9119
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11 am-2 am; Friday, Saturday and public holidays 11 am-3 am
Visa and Mastercard accepted.
English and Chinese menus available.

Much of the talent and experience from the establishment mentioned above is responsible for the great food, drink and atmosphere of the "upgraded" Greenbay Kitchen/Harbour 13. This place combines good food with a sporty party atmosphere, and all staff members are ready to please. For NT$180 you can find the Gold-fried Codfish fishfingers in the 'Others' section of their interestingly large menu. From local to Western dishes, it's all good at the Greenbay Kitchen. This dish comes with both tartar sauce and a deliciously spicy side of salsa, all decorated by greens and sliced tomatoes. Order with a side heap of fries for NT$100 and enjoy.

Oxford Music Pub

111, DaYi Street, YenCheng District
(07) 532-3595
Hours: Weekdays 6 pm till late. Saturday - Sunday 12 am till late.
All major credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.
English and Chinese menus available.

Oxford Music Pub has been on the WuFu 4th Road scene long enough to boast its own kind of fame and fortune. Great live music of the Jazz variety is almost unique in itself. The fish and chips here are good and the fish on offer is rare and delicious. A change of pace from other places, Oxford's fish and chips comes in the genuine UK-type malt vinegar, which accompanies your fries, instead of the usual ketchup. For NT$200 enjoy a nicely battered fish with a heap of fresh cut fries, garlic toast and tartar sauce. For NT$250, throw in a small draft, a bottled beer or a soft drink. Regulations require FYI South to remind you not to drink and drive.

The Armory
82, GongYuan S Road., Tainan City
(06) 226-9520
Hours: 8 pm-5 am
Chinese & English menus available.

The Armory, which has been a fixture on Tainan's nightlife scene for almost a decade, serves up dishes which are intended to please--and which succeed in pleasing--a very large proportion of its diverse customer base. There are Western favorites like burgers and steaks for the foreigners who come here, Chinese snacks and dishes for the Taiwanese crowd, and plenty of vegetarian options for those who don't eat meat. Given the popularity of fish and chips in the UK and some other places, it's no surprise that the Armory does a good, traditional Fish And Chips (NT$300)--a very generous portion of battered fish, a pile of French fries, plus sauce and vinegar. If you'd like your fish cooked a different way, try the Fish Burger or the Marinated Fish. And if, like a proper Brit, you want to wash it all down with beer from the UK, you'll find a number of choices, including Old Speckled Hen. Regulations require FYI South to remind you not to drink and drive.


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