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FYI SOUTH Magazine, Jun 2004.

Cocktail Of The Month

The Shamrock(a.k.a. Siesta)

Bar: Tavern 65
Bartender: Shawn
Cocktail: The Shamrock (a.k.a. Siesta)


By Pieter Vorster Translated by Uvia Chang

Tavern 65 is a cozy pub just off Wufu 4th Road. It stands out as one of the more established bars in Kaohsiung, and owes its popularity to a friendly atmosphere and good food. It's also an ideal spot to enjoy some sports, interesting conversation, and a few good drinks. Part of the attraction is the impressive number of cocktails on offer--65 to be exact.

Manager/bartender Shawn nominates the Shamrock (also known as the Siesta) for this month's Cocktail of the Month: "Why? Because it's good for your eyes!" Seriously, this is a smooth and stylish cocktail that is as appropriate at a formal event as it is in a casual social setting. When done right--as it is in Shawn's capable hands--it's delicious without being overly potent, and carries with it a sense of being simultaneously fun and sophisticated.

* 1 oz Blue Curaqao
* 1 oz Galliano
* 1 oz Melon liqueur
* 1 oz milk or cream

Mix all the ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into a cocktail glass. Crushed ice, and/or a short straw for decoration, are optional.


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