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FYI SOUTH Magazine, December 2004.

Ocean Heart

cocktail of the month

Bar: Ocean
Bartender: Hiki Liu
Drink: Ocean Heart

* Gin 1 oz
* Bols Blui 1 oz
* 7-UP
* Marachino Cherry

Fill glass up with ice. Add around 150 cc of 7-up (slightly less than half a can). Add Gin. Add Bols Blui, poured slowly. Garnish with Marachino Cherry.



By Courtney Donovan Smith Translated by Vivian Ko Morano

Filled with seashells, fish decorations and lots of blue colors lends Ocean a feeling being in a pleasant aquarium. This small, cozy spot makes visitors feel welcome immediately and, happily, stays open late. Located in the heart of the Canal District, Ocean boosts two floors, a circular bar and a large window offering a nice view of the Canal itself.
Bartender Hiki is one of the reasons that Ocean is a great spot to visit. With her lively sense of humour, spunky personality and good looks, she ensures no one ever gets bored. In keeping with the nautical theme of the bar, she conctocted the Ocean Heart--an attractive, clear blue drink. The taste is sweet and syrupy, a bit like blue candy with a lot of fizz. This drink makes gin fun!

* 382, HuaMei St, Taichung City
* (04) 3600-5558
* Hours: 9 pm - 4 am
* Credit Cards Accepted


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