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FYI SOUTH Magazine, May 2006.


-- By David May Translated by Annie Liu

It sometimes seem like there are more motorcycles than people in Taiwan. Taiwan has, per capita, more motorcycles and scooters than any country in the world. The scooter has ceased to simply be an A-to-B mode of transport but has become an expression of personal taste and a fashion accessory. In the scooter world there is really only one name that exudes fashion: VESPA. Classic is best.

The aircraft-inspired designs of Vespa scooters have been driven in Taiwan since 1956 when the first Vespa was imported. The smooth lines in the classic Vespa design create graceful, timeless transportation. Some of today's plastic scooters may try, but will never match the elegance of a smooth-lined metal Vespa.

Those who love their Vespas often do so with fanatical passion and this can be seen more and more on Taiwan's streets. More young people are looking at their grandfather's old Vespa with jealous eyes. Chang Yu Yee (AKA ALU), a local Tainan Vespa fanatic and member of the Tainan Vespa Club, loves the scooters so much he owns 4 classic Vespas from 1958, 1962, 1964 and 1983 - all of which he mostly restored by himself. His pride and joy is his Vespa Grand Sport MK1 160cc scooter. Last year his GS won "Most Beautiful" at the annual Taiwan Vespa meet in Tainan. He says it is one of only two in Taiwan and one of only 25,000 in the world. Asked why he loves Vespas so much he replied: "classic, not plastic". If you share a love for Vespas or are looking to get into Vespas, the Tainan Vespa Club meets at least once a month for weekend rides and is always online. If you're in the market for a classic restored Vespa, looking for Vespa parts and accessories, or just Vespa information check out the following:
Tainan Vespa Club - http://tw.club.yahoo.com/clubs/OLDVES/
Taiwan Vespa Club - http://www.vespa.com.tw/
Alu: Aluyeah.sj@msa.hinet.net Looking for a restored Vespa or parts try Alu online at Yahoo - fuzzyboy1111111or fuzzyboy2222222
Tainan Vespa service: SenShun Motor Service Store - David Wu (06) 336-7038
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