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National Museum of Taiwanese Literature marks 5th anniversary with fun events

Established in 2003, the National Museum of Taiwanese Literature (NMTL) in Tainan started celebrating its 5th anniversary on October 17 and will continue special events through the beginning of next year.

The museum focuses on the preservation, research and promotion of Taiwanese literature. Here visitors can browse through books and other print media, as well as take in exhibitions on language in Taiwan. The museum also pays homage to the influence and development of foreign languages in Taiwan and how new languages have influenced the island.

The importance of transferring literature and the written word between generations is ineffable; after reading a book, it becomes a part of you. The stories become your stories, the morals your morals. Great books, like great leaders, unite people under a common banner. The library is here to make sure that great Taiwanese literature and the lessons held therein are never diminished. To help stimulate the public's interest in literature, the NMTL has had night hours for many years and often hosts promotional events during the summer.

The NMTL also strives to share Taiwanese literature internationally. Large-scale book and culture exchanges reach out to countries from Japan to France in an effort to share library resources with the world and, in turn, benefit from incoming foreign literature.
Here are some the events that are planned for the 5th anniversary celebration:

The Vast River: Chong Zhao-zheng's Literary Exhibition/Grand Opening
Time: 10/17/08-4/1/09, Venue: Gallery D

An important figure in Taiwanese literature, Chong Zhao-zheng has been devoted to book, his whole life. His books focus on Taiwan's sense of self-awareness and the spirit of the people on the island, serving as a worthy lesson for younger generations to study and explore.

Sky, Earth, People, & Beauty: Tibetan Now and Then Photography Exhibition
Time: 11/1-11/30, Venue: Exhibition hall on the ground floor

This photography exhibition showcases the artist's travels to Tibet and shares that area's beauty with the viewer. Apart from the photographs, the exhibition will also feature Tangka art and a series of Tibetan cultural performances and activities. 

An Exhibition of Railway Cultural Relics & Literature
Time: 11/22/12-13, Venue: Corridor & library

This railway literature exhibition will show the important role railroads play in the writer's mind and will observe how writers who use railroad imagery connect to a larger Taiwanese audience.

2008 French Reading Fun in Taiwan
Time: 9/20-11/30, Venue: First-floor Literary Corridor

A series of fun family activities will give children a nice introduction to French literature. The exhibition will feature a "Children's Story Carnival", lessons on French Literature, and a "Philosophy, Thinking and Games" workshop. Two seminars on French comic books will also be held.

NMTL's Happiness Exhibition
Time: 10/10/08-1/10/09, Venue: Second-floor Gallery E

As a glamorous building in itself, the NMTL is a favorite place for couples to take wedding photos. The library's Happiness Exhibit will feature a collection of wedding photos taken at the museum over the years. There will also be a wedding gown fashion show, an on-site photographer, and happiness seminars.

Taiwan Architect's Exhibition & Seminar
Time: 12/13/08-1/11/09, Venue: Ground floor exhibition area.

The NMTL is a great example of the current government policy to give old architecture new life. This exhibition is especially indebted to a number of architects who, apart from exhibiting their work, will lead a series of seminars about the craft.

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