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FYI SOUTH Magazine, April 2004.

La Prairie--Swiss Cellular White

     Many Asian women have been waiting for more than ten years for a real high-quality whitening cream. To this end, La Prairie laboratories have specialized in making and marketing skin whitening products. La Prairie laboratories discovered that the relationship between ozone and skin has two aspects. Firstly, ozone protects the skin from damage from the sun's rays. Secondly, sunshine speeds up the aging process. Their labs used research to provide unique components for skin maintenance as seen in La Prairie Whiteology. Ozone Protection Complex: This is effective in neutralizing the effects of ozone and controlling the melanin process. A combination of extracted fumaric and citric acid has the ability to maintain and naturally protect the skin and restore the skin's own protective processes. Skin Whitening Complex: This controls the melanin process and helps reduce freckles. Vitamin C and licorice essence reduce the pigmentation process and fight freckles. La Prairie Cellular Complex: Using La Prairie's patented technology, this nourishes the skin, enhancing the skin's own defensive, moisture-capturing and tightening abilities. Anti-Oxidant Cocktail: Used with other ozone protective compounds to protect the skin.
Product Launch Date: April 1, 2004 (Simultaneous launch in Asia)


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