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FYI SOUTH Magazine, September 2004.

Fall 2004 In Focus

  By Karishma Krishna Translated by Jean Huang

Dress Up With Accessories:

The end of another scorching summer is approaching, and the time where we actually get dressed without feeling damp all day is dawning. But is it really? Well, not at least until early November. So then, how does one look dashingly "in vogue," yet not slavishly or ridiculously fashionable, for Fall 2004?
Well, ladies, it's simple. Accessorize! Hats, handbags, beads, baubles, scarves, wraps. You name it, they are in abundance--making this season very playful, optimistic and exciting.

Hats Galore:

From the furry, warm and cute 1960s knitted skullcaps, to the more gentleman-like and sporty looks, hats are definitively sizzling hot. There's everything--tons of furry stuffing, from the boorish Canadian forest busbies and the artistic Michelangelo painter hats, to the more romantic berets and manly-yet-gentleman-like hats that charm and allure in a certain way. The Baberita, 1930s Bad Boy shapes with leather mounting of shape and dimension, and even the cowgirl-influenced styles, are back and sizzling. They are chic and mature and manly and you can't get enough of them!

If these sound too hardcore, fear not, because you can try the cutesy knitted 1960s Pop Arty beanies and skullcaps (not shabby looking!) adorned on the side with flowers, buckles or old vintage styled broaches.

In terms of the more sporty takes, try the rather innovative approach which combines just every type, from fake fur peaks to suede baseball caps with fur insets to jockey riding gear.

The Earrings:

This season sees the comeback of long-outdated big, varied-patterned, hanging, elegantly suspended baubles. Beaded strings, chandelier-styled diamonds and cascading silver threads are all definite must-haves.


Take your pick, ladies. This season is all about big and bold--either elegantly bedazzling with diamonds, beads, or shells, or punkish rebellious street styles.


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