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FYI SOUTH Magazine, February 2006.

Kingstone Bookstores

-- By Chunpei Yang Translated by Cara Steenstra

As a well-known chain of bookstores in Taiwan, Kingstone provides a lot of information, forming a link between readers and authors. Book ordering services, their weekly Kingstone Book Recommendations and their monthly Kingstone Book Review all help provide the latest information on books. For foreign customers, Kingstone can help satisfy their reading needs. Tell any of the Kingstone staff the name of the book you're looking for, and they will help you get it through their efficient and reasonably priced foreign books ordering service. Kingstone also provides foreign magazines ordering services, whether you are looking for Newsweek, The Economist, National Geographic or trendy Japanese fashion magazines like Ray or Vivi.

Kingstone sells a wide range of stationary. And if you are looking for an artistic performance or attending a concert, Kingstone is an agent of the ERA Ticketing Service. However, the biggest impression that most Kingstone branches make on customers is that every branch has a unique style. For example, the ShihCuan Branch specializes in finance books and magazines, with a collection of classic business books, as well as an extensive collection of office stationary that is well-liked by nearby office workers. JianGong Branch has a large collection of travel literature and guidebooks. So if you want to know where to go and have fun, then this is the branch to visit. RongZhong Branch is famous for their medical books and the FengShan Branch specializes in community book exhibitions. TsuoYing Branch and Tainan Branch are known for their elegance, attracting a lot of literature lovers.

Although each branch has their own unique features, their warm attitude is what impresses customers the most about Kingstone branches. So next time you visit Kingstone, be sure to enjoy not only their passionate attitude, but take time to notice their uniqueness and make your book shopping experience all the more enjoyable.

Appendix: Kingstone Bookstore South Taiwan Branches
Kaohsiung/ PingTung District
*(07) 383-7015 JianGong Branch - 462, JianGong Road, B1-2, Kaohsiung City
*(07) 726-3512 ReiLong Branch - 472, ReiLong Road, QianZhen District, Kaohsiung City
(07) 536-3810 HsiungGuang Branch - 213, SanDuo 3rd Road, 10F, Kaohsiung County
*(07) 311-6801 ShihCuan Branch - 183, ShihCuan 1st Road, 1F, Kaohsiung City
*(07) 587-9732 TsuoYing Branch - 40-42, TsuoYingDa Road, TsuoYing District, Kaohsiung City
*(07) 719-0401 FengShan Branch - 66, JhongShan Road, FengShan City, Kaohsiung County
*(08) 788-9056 ChaoZhou Branch - 121, JhongShan Road, ChaoJhou Township, PingTung County

Chiayi/ Tainan District
*(05) 222-2670 Chiayi Branch - 494, JhongShan Road, Chiayi City
*(06) 220-6530 Tainan Branch - 147, JhongShan Road, Tainan City
*(06) 303-0235 NanTze Branch - 658, SiMen Road, Sec.1, 5F, Tainan City
*(06) 336-7776 SongMing Branch - 269, SongMing Road, Tainan City
*(06) 635-4088 ShinYing Branch - 136, JhongShan Road, Sinying City, Tainan County
Hours: Everyday 10 am-10 pm
Visa and Mastercards accepted.


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