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FYI SOUTH Magazine, April 2006.

Fly Fish Surf Shop

(06) 215-3779
204, CingJhong Street, West Central District, Tainan
Hours: Monday - Friday 1 pm-10:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday 9 am-10:30 pm

-- By David May Translated by Annie Liu

Surfing is rapidly growing in Taiwan. While most people think of areas around Taipei, Kenting or Taiwan's east coast when they think of surfing, there are waves to be ridden in Tainan! To help Tainan residents shift into a surfing lifestyle there is Fly Fish Surf Shop, located behind National Tainan University. Opened by a trio of friends who all share a passion for surfing, they hope to introduce more Tainan residents to the surfing lifestyle. Fly Fish Surf Shop rents and sells surfboards, and other boarding accessories you may need. The shop carries its own line of "made in Taiwan" fibreglass surfboards. Fly Fish has some shortboards and funboards, but mostly stocks longboards, which are best suited for Tainan's small waves. The shop also has a small collection of clothes by familiar names like Reef and Billabong. If the store does not carry a particular board or something else you are looking for they will gladly help you order it. If you are trying surfing for the first time, the shop offers surf lessons for NT$1,200 or you can rent a board for NT$800 and surf until the sun goes down. The guys at Fly Fish will even drop you off and pick you up at the beach!

Store co-owner, Lin Wen Xian, acknowledges the shop is small and in-store product selection is limited, however the shop is new and Tainan's surfing community is small. Surely the shop will grow with the Tainan surfing community. For more information about surfing in Tainan or surfing in general, drop in to the shop, take a seat on the sofa and Mr. Lin will help you with whatever you need. If you don't speak Chinese bring a friend who does.

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