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FYI SOUTH Magazine, August 2006.

White-collar attire for men

--By Eric huang Translated by Sho Huang

It's essential for the 21st century man to dress appropriately and stylishly, as knowing what to wear will not only will help you present yourself professionally but also give you a competitive edge in the working world and smooth your social relationships.

1. Formal and casual occasions
For formal occasions, such as working at the office or formal parties, black and gray suits are more appropriate. Casual occasions, such as lunch meetings, weekend leisure activities, call for neutral or brighter-colored shirts that fulfill the demands of fashion and convenience.

2. A variation of shirts
As it's hard to change the look of suits and pants, the color and style your shirt plays an important role. White shirts go well with every color and it's recommended that you change your shirt each day to present a more professional image. Plain, striped and plaid shirts are also top choices.

3. Pick the right suits
Young people can go for simple but stylish pants. However, pants with pleats might be a better choice for those who have a bit of beer belly. Pleats help divert attention from the belly.

4. Buttons
Three-buttoned suits present a classic, mature look for all men. When wearing one, be sure you always button up the top buttons, but not the bottom one.

5. Accessories
To add to personal charm to your ensemble, stylish belts and bright-patterned neckties all suit young men very well. Cuff links and/or handkerchief can also bring out a bit of glamour in your outfit.

Eric Huang is the G2000 fashion retail chain sales department vice manager for central and southern Taiwan.

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