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FYI SOUTH Magazine, January 2007.

OSIM's iDesire (NT$208,000)

Takasima- Traditional Kungfu
Chair (NT$76,500)

Massage Chairs

---By Claire Tyrell and Josie Wu Translated by Kiki Wu and Mei Lee

The modern world has bought us many things, including added tension. So, this month, Taiwan Fun raises a glass to the inventor of the massage chair.

One of the top dogs among massage chairs, it automatically adjusts itself to your leg length and the back's accupressure points, to provide simultaneous all-over body massage, including feet and arms. Wind-down music aids the effect. Eight different programs offer various styles of massage, and also suggested morning/evening settings. Once tried, never forgotten!

Panasonic Steam Foot SPA
Pounding the streets or sitting in office for too long leaves legs and feet feeling painful and numb. Experts recommend lifting your legs or a hot bath to relieve discomfort--something the steam and massage features can help with. The machine's uneven surfaces are designed to stimulate and massage points on the sole of the foot. Five different temperature adjustments suit individual preferences. Not a bad way to enjoy a foot spa at home.

The mid-price range focuses on the back and legs, and new from Takasima is the Traditional Kungfu Chair (NT$76,500). Programs include kneading, hitting, roller and accupressure methods of massage, with the feel of real hands at work.

EH-2861 Price recommended: NT$7,999
For information: 0800-098800


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