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FYI SOUTH Magazine, February 2007.


What to give your loved one on White Valentine's Day?

By Josie Wu Translated by Ann Lee

Lovers in Taiwan have three Valentine's Days to celebrate, the Western Valentine's Day on February 14th, the Chinese lunar Qi-Xi on July 7th of the lunar calendar, and one that originated from Japan, White (Valentine's) Day. This all goes to say that Taiwan is an island full of romance.

Traditionally in Japan, it is the women who give gifts to men on Valentine's Day. Then, on White Day on March 14th it is the turn of the boyfriend to give something back--though the rules are not so strict these days on who gives whom what on which day.

Tea forte'
Tea bags, Tea-Making Equipment
Tea forte is a modern and elegant brand selling herbal teas. It is widely known and popular in Japan. These pyramid-shaped, silk material tea bags have an original and unique design; they can stand on their own inside a cup. Go online and pick a few different types of tea bags--or get a combo, to go with some light snacks and jam. This is a great afternoon tea package. Additionally, Tea forte also sells their own tea cups and saucers.
Weight: 2 bags x 3 grams
Price: NT$165

Kiehl's Original Musk Body Lotion & Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser
Kiehl's Musk Body Lotion & Shower Gel is created with natural ingredients of the classic Kiehl's elements and inspired by the scent of musk, a warm and sensual fragrance. Perfect for moist skin after a shower, it is invigorating and locks in the moisture in your skin. The shower gel is foamy and good for bathing.
Original Musk Body Lotion: NT$780 for 250ml
Orginal Musk Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser: NT$550 for 250ml

AussieBum from Australia says, "if you doubt yourself, wear something else." This brand carries a selection of sportswear and underwear for men. David Beckham is also a fan of their clothes. Currently, aussieBum is promoting a collection of men's swimwear, underwear, casual homewear as well as sportswear. The newest collection is called "Wonderjock." So ladies, here's a good gift idea for your man.


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