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FYI SOUTH Magazine, November 2004.

Osterreichs Kuche (Austrian dining)

(07) 7261-1334
165, LinChyuan St., LingYa, Kaohsiung City
Hours: 10:30 am-10:30 pm

Osterreichs Kuche, close to Kaohsing's cultural center, offers traditional European cooking. The bold colors and pleasant atmosphere correspond to the hostess's straightforward and hospitable personality. She is proud to personally present her genuine Gulasch Hungarian Braised Beef (NT$250) and Huhn Chen Cordon Bleu (NT$250; hashed chicken with cheese and ham). The German Pig Knuckle (NT$420) is the most popular dish so far, while unpretentious Austrian noodles come with three sorts of cheese. The English-Style Breakfast (NT$200) includes sausage, egg, mushroom, bacon, fried tomato, and bread. Red or white wine from Germany is NT$750 a bottle, NT$400 for a half bottle, or you can ask for one-third of a bottle. The owner-chef plans to introduce a new dish each month. There's no minimum charge, and, if you do become the owner's friend, she'll probably treat you to dessert or something else nice. There are also plans to offer discounts to those who come here on their birthdays. --Written and translated by Iva Huang

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