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FYI SOUTH Magazine, April 2006.

Music Festival, Moonlight Parties and much more!


--By Dawn Reid, translated by Annie Liu

It's time to break out the bathing suits and dance till sunrise. Spring Scream 2006 runs from March 31st to April 9th, and this year promises to be as big, loud and crazy as ever. With hordes of bands, parties, sun and surf, Kenting and Nanwan are going to be the places to be. FYI South had a look at where to stay, where to go and what to do...
Fu Dog Surf Shop - Inexpensive accommodation above a dive and surf shop - Contact Sammy Hawkins (08) 889-7141
The Beach House - Inexpensive accommodation - Contact Joyce (08) 888-0440
Fiesta Pizza
One of the staples of Nanwan, Fiesta Pizza has been providing hungry surfers and divers with pizza (NT$220 - NT$500), pasta (NT$150 - NT$180) and burgers (NT$180) for around 15 years. Here you can enjoy a milkshake and fries under the sun only minutes from the beach.
The Waves Kitchen
From the owner of Bossa Nova comes The Waves Kitchen, one of the newest and arguably best restaurants in Nanwan. Orange walls, large oil paintings and floral greenery give it that breezy "Mediterranean feel". Mouth-watering dishes include Brochette Italiana (NT$150), the Antipasto Sandwich (NT$180), Smoked-Salmon Carpaccio (NT$250) and much more.
Yoyo Resort
Upstairs from The Waves Kitchen; High-end accommodation (08) 888-2599
Bossa Nova Cafe
Offering mostly Asian cuisine, Bossa Nova is a trendy cafe overlooking Nanwan beach and a great spot to enjoy food and drink. Spaghetti, Curry, and Thai dishes are priced between NT$180 and NT$320, and drinks such as cocktails and beer go for NT$100 to NT$200.

Ocean View Hotel
An orange building just before Kenting - Mid-range accommodation (08) 886-1237. (No English)
Golden Beach Kenting
Kenting's hottest, perhaps only, dance club is Golden Beach. The club has space to dine, dance, drink and even the set up for live music. The restaurant features foods from around the world from Mexico to Australia to Thailand and Taiwan.
Fred & Fang Lin's Tavern
Inexpensive accommodation and cuisine by reservation only - Contact Fang - 0922 665 546
Amy's Cucina
As part of Kaohsiung's Amy's Chain you can expect the same quality from Amy's Cucina, located in the middle of Kenting. Open for 12 years, they have tried, tested and tasty Italian food such as pizza (NT$200 - NT$290), pasta (NT$180 - NT$250 and antipasta (NT$160 - NT$350). The atmosphere is casual and welcoming and the staff terrific. They also boast the best handmade Tiramisu in the South.
Ocean Blue Restaurant
Ocean and flower scenes cover wall and pillar, providing a nice backdrop for music from the small DJ booth at Ocean Blue. The food is mostly Thai, Chinese and Taiwanese, however, Western dishes like Calamari (NT$180), sandwiches (NT$150 - NT$180) and Paella (NT$200 - NT$220) are also available.
Teacher's Hostel - Inexpensive accommodation - (08) 886-1241
The Catholic Hostel - Inexpensive accommodation - (08) 886-1540
Mumbo Thai Restaurant
Many restaurants on the strip offer Thai meals, but Mumbo Thai is more of a Thai experience. The dimly lit interior is decorated with Thai artefacts and the food is scrumptious. They have most popular Thai dishes at fair prices (from NT$150 to NT$360). They also have a fine selection of dinks, alcoholic or otherwise.
Rose Cafe and Hotel
If your're looking for a private, romantic evening, or just to get away from the mass of bodies that is Kenting on any given weekend, try to find Rose Cafe. About eight kilometers out of Kenting proper, it is a secluded spot where you can dine while watching the sunset over a small fishing harbour. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have nice rooms for rent. Hotel guests receive 15% off on food and drinks.

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