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FYI SOUTH Magazine, May 2006.

Gaulish Chef's Restaurant

53, JhongJheng 4th Rd, Kaohsiung
(07) 241-2068
Hours:Everyday 11:30 am-4 pm,
5:30-10 pm
All major credit cards accepted.

--By Amelie Tseng Translated by Cara Steenstra

French cuisine can give off an air of snobbishness, yet the Gaulish Chef's Restaurant has been breaking this myth. They have relied on word-of-mouth over the past five years to keep the crowds coming. The experienced head chef explains that the soul of French cuisine lies in the use of fresh ingredients, the combination of delicious sauces, savoring the original fresh flavors of the food itself and giving importance to the enjoyment of the meal. They prepare everything by hand, from the bread to the dessert afterwards. All are freshly-made on a daily basis to ensure the best quality.

Authentic cuisines include Canadian oysters that can be enjoyed with lemons and red wine vinegar. Try the "Moscow-style Champagne Roasted Oysters" set meal, which includes an appetizer, homemade Italian bread (French bread during dinner time), soup, main course, dessert and a drink. Carbonated mineral water is provided free of charge. The Fois Gras set menu includes an appetizer of Fois Gras Mousse, Fois Gras Cappuccino Soup, salad, a main course of Steak with Truffle Sauce, as well as dessert and drink. The Lobster Set Menu is good for two to share. It includes Lobster with Truffle and an appetizer of Garlic Roasted Escargot-a traditional French dish not to be missed. Combine these with a plate of fresh fruit salad and finish off your meal with a Creme Brulee for a true French dining experience.

The environment is complemented by classical music in the background and the warm service of the friendly staff members. You can also enjoy six-course dinners, with a choice of Roast Chicken Steak (NT$360) and others; or a light lunch of Red Wine Stewed Beef with Rice (NT$300) or Italian Seafood Pasta with Pumpkin (NT$260). If you are really short of time, grab a quick cup of coffee and their freshly made bread. Don't forget to make reservations.

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