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FYI SOUTH Magazine, June 2006.

Dong Fen Wang (Green Beans Noodle Shop)

168, CiSian 3rd Road, Kaohsiung City
(07) 551-4349
Hours:Everyday 8 am-8 pm

---By Mike Brown Translated by Annie Liu

If a few regular customers, who moved abroad for 10 to 20 years, upon their return continued coming to the same restaurant, one would think such a place has something special to offer. And if a patron, who started frequenting a restaurant as a young woman, has since become a grandmother and still comes to the same place, that place must have something special to offer. According to the ever-smiling 75-year-old owner of Dong Fen Wang (Green Bean Noodle), some of his customers have done just that. In his words, their dishes have a taste "that no one else can create." And that is the "something special".

Specializing in uncommon, and certainly flavorful, green bean noodle dishes, this shop has flourished since first opening in 1970. For lovers of noodles, who want something different from the common egg or wheat varieties, try the glassy Green Bean Noodles (dry or with soup) for a very affordable NT$20. The same noodle dish can be complemented with duck, pork, kidney or other assorted meats (NT$50). As a palatable side dish, a small bowl of Rice Mixed with Sweet Potatoes is an unbeatably inexpensive option for NT$5 (NT$10 for a large bowl). Although most customers order noodle dishes, the owner believes their most notable and best menu choice is the Pig's Chin Meat, which he proudly brought to the table for consideration.

Situated near the YanCheng Police Station, Dong Fen Wang's decor is not destined to win any fancy design competitions. However, the interior is immaculately clean, spacious and brightly lit, with plenty of tables for the crowds that gather here at most meal times. With such tradition enticing the consistently happy regulars, it is well worth joining the masses.

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