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FYI SOUTH Magazine, June 2006.


160, FuMin Road, TsouYing District, Kaohsiung
(07) 558-7457
Hours:Everyday 11:30 am-1:30 am
All major credit cards accepted.
10% service charge added.
1-hour free parking available if you spend more than NT$600.

---By Mike Brown Translated by Annie Liu

Having one of the most extensive menus and unique interiors in town, the newly opened Katomili Restaurant promises to meet a range of customers' tastes. When it comes to food you could have a different meal every night for a few weeks, without having to repeat your order. To begin a medley of salads and cold platter items range from NT$150 - NT$220 (try the Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese Salad for NT$180). For main entrees, one can choose from a selection of Southern European dishes or from the Oriental Delicacies. Especially recommended, and more-than-adequately portioned, are the savory Spaghetti with Chicken and Pesto Sauce (NT$200), the tasty Tagliatelle with Butter and Bacon (NT$200) and the hearty Baked Eggplant with Cheese and Meat Sauce (NT$220). A small selection of beers go for NT$80 - NT$150, but the Yogurt Honey Egg Juice is a must-try (NT$160).

While waiting for your meal, check out the decor throughout the establishment. Katomili's interior decorations are the epitome of eclecticism. A look around will reveal pirates climbing ropes in the lofted ceiling space, plastic palm trees and images of cherubs. Most appealing are a large mural and the mix of lively colors that lend to the atmosphere. Alternatively, one can appreciate the white washed exterior, reminiscent of Greek architecture, while dining on the outdoor patio.

For parties, a VIP room can be reserved for up to twelve patrons, with a minimum NT$4000 charge. Additionally, from Monday through Thursday (11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.), a special lunch combo is offered for around NT$800. Customers can also collect stamps for every visit of over NT$1000. A collection of fifteen stamps entitles you to a VIP card, which will save 10% on cash purchases (5% with credit card) thereafter.

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