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FYI SOUTH Magazine, October 2006.

My Style Vegetarian Restaurant

---By Amelie Tseng Translated by Sho Huang

5, Lane 4, CingNian 1st Road, LingYa District, Kaohsiung
(07) 224-1619
Hours:Tuesday - Sunday 11:30 am-2 pm; 5:30 pm-9:30 pm
Closed Mondays.

Since its signage is not overly obvious, this restaurant (hidden in a little alley amidst the lush green residential area around the Culture Center) is easy to miss. However, once you make it there, you're sure to be greatly impressed by its style. As the name suggests, My Style presents itself in a simple, low key way--setting it apart from other vegetarian restaurants. Apparently some customers didn't realize this was a vegetarian restaurant until they actually dined here because of this exact reason.

My Style is small but cleverly designed. A huge variety of fresh ingredients, including vegetables, fruit and mushrooms, are prepared using western cooking methods. The restaurant insists on an "olive oil only and no MSG" policy to present guests with vegetarian dishes that are both healthy and tasty. Mixed Grain Fried Rice with assorted vegetables (and a bit of white rice) is a great choice during busy lunch hours. It's light so it is perfect for those with sensitive stomachs. As the summer heat can sometimes take away your appetite, salads make for a good alternative. My Style's salads are filled with generous portions of seasonal fruit, lettuce, home-made honey yam and konjac jelly. Another good choice is Chinese snacks with fruit yogurt dressing, which is simple yet satisfying.

If you have a big appetite, you must try the set course, including soup, bread, juice, a main dish, salad bar, a beverage and Chinese-style healthy desserts. Just looking at this meal makes your mouth water. There is also a long list of pasta and lasagna dishes to choose from. My Style is popular amongst vegetarians, university students and those who prefer healthy and light food. Next time, when you want to meet up with your friends and try something different, you should definitely come here.

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