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FYI SOUTH Magazine, October 2006.

Yusufeng Art and Tea Restaurant

149-14, HePing 1st Road, LingYa District, Kaohsiung
(07) 721-3556
Hours:Everyday 10:30 am-11 pm
Fri & Sat open untill 12:30 pm
All major credit cards accepted.

---By Amelie Tseng Translated by Sho Huang

Soft music, reading or quietly talking guests, magazines, books and antique traditional tables and chairs along with the green landscape all seem to fall into exactly the right places in Yusufeng Art and Tea Restaurant to form a serene and comfortable space. Upon entering, its tender coolness took care of every bit of summer heat in this writer.

Originally, Miss Jiang (the owner) simply wanted to have a place she could share with artist friends, providing a variety of healthy and tasty cuisines in a creative space. The simple dishes offered here are all prepared with specially selected fresh local ingredients and a commitment to good healthy food. For example, the appetizing Bitter Tea Oil Rice Noodles and the light Gourd Rice Noodles are prepared with Jinmen (Kinmen) rice noodles. Those who love hot pots shouldn't miss out on the Healthy Chinese Herb hot pot (a generous portion). As for desserts, the delicious fruit yogurt (made with organic milk and imported Canadian yogurt germ) comes highly recommended. Its thick, yet smooth, taste is probably the best choice for summer.

If you enjoy spending an afternoon by yourself, you can order a simple cup of tea. Not only will you save yourself from the complicated tea making process and worry if the tea will taste bitter, but watching the rose petals open up in the teacup can easily take up the whole afternoon. In addition, the fruit tea and plum wine is a must-try. The first floor is mainly designed for reading. The basement is dedicated to art activities and monthly flea markets, while the second floor is set up for group gatherings. There is an interesting story in each room. Yusufeng Art and Tea Restaurant welcomes you to explore them all.

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