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FYI SOUTH Magazine, February 2007.

Chez Papa

--- By Dawnelle Froehler Translated by Monica Lin

142, Kenting Rd, Henchuen town, Pingtung County; (08) 886-1197
Hours:11 am-3 pm, 5 pm-12 am
Credit cards not accepted. 10% service charge. Smoking allowed.

Anyone who has visited Kenting has probably seen this great little restaurant before, although now you probably wouldn't recognize it. Opened by owners Gillou and Ruby in 1998, Chez Papa has been around for quite awhile. It has long been a comfy place that has served simple and tasty European fare, with the owners changing something about the decor and the menu every year to keep things interesting.

This time, however, Ruby and Gillou have gone all out to jazz up their place. They have extended the first floor, making the restaurant much larger, and also added a second floor that has an open-air patio and a garden for great evening gatherings. It's not just the size that counts, either; Ruby wanted to create a more laid-back, Moroccan atmosphere, and has chosen furnishings reminiscent of the Middle East to do so. Rich purple and blue velvet curtains, long cushioned benches, pillows and beautiful African lamps give Chez Papa une ambiance tres relaxe. They even imported a wrought-iron door to enhance the effect. The result is intoxicating and one could happily pass several hours sipping drinks and letting the evening slide away in this establishment.

Not only do they change the menu every year, but they customize it to fit the seasons. Current food favourites are pizzas and omelets, both delicious, which come with a variety of fillings. The menu also includes a wide selection of pasta and rice dishes, plus menu items that are vegetarian friendly. All dishes cost between NT$200-350. Admittedly the current serving staff is new, so the service is a bit on the slow side. However, the atmosphere and the food well make up for it. Large parties are welcome, provided reservations are made. Reservations are also advisable for holidays and long weekends, as it tends to get rather busy. Don't miss an opportunity to relax in this cozy restaurant.

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