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FYI SOUTH Magazine, March 2007.


By Joshua Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Jimmy Kang

396, MingCheng 2nd Rd,
Kaohsiung City; (07) 557-5787
Hours:5:30 pm-1 am
Credit cards not accepted.
Parking available.
English menu available.

When dinnertime arrives at Oldsichuan, you'll see people waiting patiently outside with a look of anticipation on their faces. Clearly, the warm scents that waft out as the doors open and close are a form of sweet torture.
The spicy, hot foods originating from Sichuan are one of China's main cuisines. This style of cooking is complex, and each flavor works harmoniously with another. The cuisine itself helps express the personality of the Ba-Shu People (Ba-Shu being the two ancient states that make up modern Sichuan).

In hopes of expanding the popularity of Ba-Shu cuisine in Taiwan, owner of this eatery there travelled for the sole purpose of bringing back authentic ingredients to make authentic Sichuanese cuisine. The soup bases for the spicy Sichuan hot pots here incorporate flavors known as "san siang" (3 aromas), "san jiao" (3 peppers) and "san liao" (3 sauces). The soup flavors will numb your taste buds, although you're still able to enjoy the spices without feeling choked up. The pot comes with Duck's Blood Cakes & Tofu (NT$100 per person). The Beef Tripe and Beef Tendon and Pork Gut (NT$400) are already cooked, so you can eat them right after they've been added to the pot. You can request unlimited amounts of this dish throughout your entire dining time.

The other popular choice among customers here is the Healthy White Pot. The soup is simmered with chicken bones and various Chinese medicinal ingredients for 48 hours. The restaurant recommends an order of the Vegetable Combo ((NT$160) or Mushroom Combo (NT$240) to go with this. While savoring your hot pot, don't forget to grab one of the three specially-prepared sauces they provide in the restaurant to enjoy the full experience.

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