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FYI SOUTH Magazine, April 2007.
105, SinHai Rd, ZuoYing District,
Kaohsiung City; (07) 556-5281
Hours:10 am-11 pm
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge. Parking available.


By Joshua Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Victoria Seto

As you make a turn from MingHua Road into SinHai Road, you will find this seemingly serene eatery called Oogenlust. This is the dream establishment for a female travelist. Roses crawling recklessly on the outside beige walls of this building and a large courtyard are complimented by beautiful plants and flowers. The whole scene bears a close resemblance of the southern Italian countryside.

Behind the heavy wooden door are a number of distinctive pendant lamps that provides the entire space with a cosy ambiance. The simple-yet-solid decorations inside this restaurant can't help but make patrons want to just relax. The friendly staff are dressed in maid uniforms, and they are ready to make detailed introductions to the delicious cuisine. The owner of Oogenlust is very particular about the preparation of cuisine they serve, from start to finish. The ingredients of the herbal teas here are all organically grown, with no pesticides. Upon ordering your drink, you may find the staff busy picking ingredients from the garden outside. The Purple Flirtion has a slightly sweet aroma and you can smell it right away when they bring it to your table.
All the pastries, snacks and handmade cookies from the teatime buffet are all prepared by skilled chefs, and they are made to order. On weekdays, pay NT$198 and enjoy the whole set (NT$225 on weekends) . Everything from French Caramel Pudding to Zero Celsius Ice Coffee, and their Chicken Subway are all great choices. Additionally, you can also try their bigger meals, like Roasted Pork Rib with Honey BBQ Sauce (NT$480), Italianism Prawns & Cod Fish (NT$430) or the Shrimp Scallop Spaghetti With Pumpkin Sauce (NT$340).

The owner of Oogenlust has made her dream come true by creating a little southern Italian country house, and she welcomes all to share her wonderful food and atmosphere.

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