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FYI SOUTH Magazine, May 2007.

Yuan Shao

Words and Translated by Leifson McEnroe Photos by Jimmy Kang

302, JhongHua 4th Rd, Kaohsiung City
(07) 215-0123
Hours: 11:30 am-2:30 pm, 5:30 pm-12 am
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.

Yuan Shao, a Japanese BBQ restaurant that is part of the Wang Group, is located pretty close to the popular area around Da Lee Isetan Department Store. Step into Yuan Shao and take a deep breath; you'll be surprised that there is not even a bit of smoky flavor in the air. Cleanliness and tidiness come as the first impression for its customers.

The environment in Yuan Shao is extraordinarily impressive. Black and white are the two main colours used as the decor, which gives its food a simple and elegant feeling when dining there. Beneath the stairs, there is an artificial pond with two calla plants standing in the water, and the walls on the corner of the stairs and at the end of the dining room have waterfalls which are refreshing and beautiful. Many other plants and vines have been added to create a natural atmosphere and scenic environment.
The restaurant emphasizes the freshness of its meat and ingredients, and also the concept of creating the best grill, which they call the "38 rule". There's a built-in range hood on both sides of the grill, so you have nothing to worry about from smoke that might come into your eyes or clothes. If you can't seem to decide what to order your first time there, the manager of Yuan Shao recommends you try the set meal combination.

Set meals are NT$580, plus 10% service charge, which includes top-quality selected beef or pork, salad, soup, veggies, a smoothie and dessert. Don't be surprised by how succulent the meat and flavorsome the dishes are because, as this is one of the Wang Group's brands, the quality is absolutely without doubt. It is also important to remember that Yuan Shao is always packed on weekends and holidays, so making a reservation ahead is strongly suggested.

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