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FYI SOUTH Magazine, May 2007.

Superior quality ice creams- Rich & creamy!

Mumbo Jumbo Italy Ice Cream shop

237, Lane 235, ZihChiang 3rd Rd, LingYa District, Kaohsiung city
( Lane 235 is the pedestrian walkway behind Hanshin Department Store); 0927-082-229
Hours: Mon~Sat 11 am-10 pm
SUN 11 am-10:30 pm
Credit cards not accepted.

Because low-priced ice creams loaded with artificial flavors just don't cut it sometimes, expensive imported ice cream is a delicious treat. Mumbo Jumbo, located behind the Hanshin Department Store, provides patrons with approximately 30 different flavors of handmade, low-sugar and low-fat ice creams. At this dainty ice cream shop, which resembles a European town, choosing a flavor can be difficult. The friendly owner of Mumbo Jumbo will give you a description of the flavors and offer a taste-test. A few best-sellers are: Frozen Sticky Rice Cake with Black Sesame, English Earl, Raspberry Yoghurt, and Banana Pancake. Mumbo Jumbo continues to surprise ice cream fans with new, innovative flavors. Apart from the ice creams, you can also try their assorted, five-star quality cakes and pastries. These sweet treats go well with a cup of Espresso, German Vanilla Tea, two scoops of ice cream, or a cup of fragrant herbal tea. --Words and photos by Amelie Tseng, translated by Ann Lee

Modern Toilet Restaurant

34, LinQuan St, LingYa District,
Kaohsiung City; (07) 752-2471
Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 am-10 pm
Sat & Sun 11 am-10:30 pm
Credit cards not accepted.

The Modern Toilet Restaurant, like its name suggests, creates an environment that makes you feel like you are eating inside a bathroom. When you start to wonder how the owner came up with this decor idea, you might conclude that he has quite an imagination. The serving bowls look like toilets and bathtubs, so you can have a bit of fun looking at what you are eating while you eat it. A popular order at Modern Toilet is the Number 1 Toilet. This has ice-shavings with mini crackers, Konjac, Nata (jello) and one scoop of frosted ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, which looks a bit like a small mountain. The assorted, funny-looking selection of icy desserts are named for their colors, which come from different jams. One "bathtub" dish has azuki beans and pudding, sprinkled with mo-cha sauce. Modern Toilet also offers a selection of toys for you to take home as souvenirs. If you come here often enough, you might just be able to get them for free! --Words and photos by Amelie Tseng, translated by Ann Lee


789, JhongHua 5th Rd, B1, CianJhen District, Kaohsiung City
(07) 970-0587
Hours: Mon-Thu 11 am-10 pm
Fri 11 am-10:30 pm
Sat & holidays
10:30 am-10:30 pm;
Sun 10:30 am-10 pm
Credit cards accepted.
Parking available.

Baskin-Robbins is back again. Choosing one of the biggest shopping paradises, "Dream Mall", as its location, Baskin-Robbins is all set to bring fantastic ice cream back to its long-time-no-see customers. There are 32 flavours in the store, served selectively each day during the whole month. Besides the regular one or two scoops, you can choose from peanut butter cups, sundaes, shakes, crepes, Oreos, a frozen float with different seasonal fruit, or their special "blast". And, of course, you can also choose from strawberry, chocolate or raspberry syrup toppings for your ice cream. If you want something more distinctive, try their combination of flavors for different seasons. The menu is also filled with a great number of other choices to make your palate dance. The standard prices of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins range from one scoop for NT$65 to three scoops at NT$160. So pamper yourself to a nice summer treat with Baskin-Robbins. --Words and translated by Leifson McEnroe, photos by Tommy Lee

Big Tom Ice Cream

67, WuFu 1st Rd,
Kaohsiung City
(07) 227-0475
Hours: ??12 pm-12 am
holidays 10 am -12 am

Big Tom is located just right of the cultural center. This American-style ice cream parlor uses a unique production method, in which the air is pressed out of the ice cream, so that the texture becomes even more solid and creamy. Big Tom Ice Cream is popularly known for being all-natural and not adding any artificial flavors or colorings into their product. They use only milk from cows that have not been injected with hormones or fed with food that includes pesticides. The cones at Big Tom are shaped like a flower baskets and the texture is stickier than a lot of other ice-cream shops, but it still has a very delicate flavor. You can get a single scoop for NT$98 or double for NT$168. Choose between Mocha, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango or Coffee. Sandwiches, floats, and the Teppanyaki Red Wine Ice Cream are also fine choices. Come enjoy authentic American-style ice cream at a good location with beautiful surroundings. --By Monica Lin, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Jimmy

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