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FYI SOUTH Magazine, June 2007.

Fu Ji Stinky Tofu Restaurant

Words and photos by Amelie Tseng
Translated by Ann Lee

117-7, WuFu 3rd Rd, LingYa District,
Kaohsiung City
(07) 241-9477
4 pm-11 pm

When night rolls around at Fu Ji Chou Dou Fu (stinky tofu), it is typical to see this tasteful restaurant packed with customers. Located on WuFu Road next to the army center, Fuji provides a comfortable, Chinese-style environment that is unlike the impression that most people have of stinky tofu shops.

Stinky tofu might not always look too appealing, but it has a reputation as a well-loved, traditional Taiwanese snack. Owners Mr. and Mrs. Ji insist on picking out only the freshest tofu which is made daily. Also, because of Fuji's attention to quality, all dishes are limited to a certain number of servings every day. If they run out of a dish you want, you'll just have to come back again.

The Jis have created many different dishes, including the usual crispy stinky tofu, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and served with pickled vegetables and fresh basil leaves. Another popular dish at Fuji is the Smelly Tofu Roll. These hand-made bean wraps are rolled then fried. Another unique dish is the Shrimp & Stinky Tofu Dumpling. However, if you love the smell of the stinky tofu, then try the Steamed Stinky Tofu—this pungent dish is marinated with pork and corn, and sprinkled with green onions. It is a truly remarkable taste not to be missed. The super-fiery Spicy Hot Pot is made with medicinal ingredients and fresh chili peppers, which are also prepared daily. This Spicy Hot Pot is best eaten with a bowl of plain rice.
Although Fuji's space is small, it is clean and has speedy service, as well as friendly owners, so their customers keep coming back. Although you can get take-out at Fuji, waiting in line for fresh stinky tofu will certainly be worth it!

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