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FYI SOUTH Magazine, July 2007.

Meals with a view: Scenic vistas and great cuisine

Oceanside Cafe

31, ChaiShan Rd, GuShan District, Kaohsiung City
Hours: Tue-Sun
1-11 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
Chinese & English menu.

Imagine yourself on a patio overlooking the ocean, cool breeze in your hair, the sun shining on your face as you sip homemade iced lemonade and nibble salty tortilla chips. Slowly the sun sets and a stream of warm orange light glitters across the rippling waves, as birds chirp in the trees in front of you and a Spanish guitar plays softly in the background.... This slice of heaven rests a mere 30 minutes from the center of Kaohsiung. Simply drive past JhongShan University until you see the sign. With its spectacular view and great selection of exotic coffees (French Vanilla or Caramel Macchiato from NT$60), it's one of the best getaways in the Kaohsiung area. Jose and his wife Ann opened their cafe about four years ago and have been increasing their business through good service, great coffee and a great atmosphere. From their mouth-watering Blueberry Cheesecake (NT$150, drink and dessert combo) to their Chicken Cheese Quesadilla (NT$120), Oceanside Cafe will continue to be a choice retreat for enjoying seaside refreshment in a little bit of paradise. --By Tim Scofield, translated by Annie Liu

Harbor Villa

12, BinHai 2nd Rd, GuShan District,
Kaohsiung City; (07) 969-8799
Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am-2 pm, 5 pm-1 am
Sat & Sun 11 am-1 am
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge. Smoking allowed.
Parking available.
Chinese/English/Japanese menu.

Harbor Villa is a restaurant with Chinese-Indonesian inspired architecture and ample cultural history, located near the ferry stop in Gushan district. The building, which has been around since Japan's occupation, has a unique dining atmosphere and breathtaking view—even the beams and partition inside look the same as they did when the Japanese were here. The center courtyard has a rising ceiling design, and is surrounded by antique-style staircases and air-raid shelters, making it an interesting locale that keeps customers coming back. Harbor Villa also highlights exotic colors with many tropical plants and Malay-style ornaments. Since Harbor Villa faces, well, a ferry harbor, the restaurant's third-floor patio offers a view of the seemingly endless ocean. Also, take a good look at the menu; they offer a great selection of exotic cuisine, including Stir Fried Beef with Pears and Vegetables, Pig's Knuckle with Sauerkraut, and Fired Soft Shell Crab with Almond Flakes. On a hot summer days, treat yourself to a glass of their signature Iced Fruit Tea. --Words and photos by Monica Lin, translated by Ann Lee

The British Consulate at Takao

20, LianHai Rd, GuShan District, Kaohsiung City; (07) 525-0007
Hours: 11 am-12 am
Credit cards not accepted.
No service charge.
Smoking allowed.

The British Consulate at Takao is a top choice for many who enjoy the night view in Kaohsiung city. Here, visitors can take in not only the beautiful views of the vast ocean and the sunset, but also a panoramic view of the city and harbor. The Consulate is also a historic site and the first Western-style building in Taiwan. This building's late-Renaissance architecture provided a technical and stylistic basis for other Western-style buildings on the island. Inside, there is a digital art gallery so visitors can appreciate its abundant cultural history. Even more interesting, it's said that table 49 inside the restaurant has the best fengshui in Kaohsiung, since so many marriage proposals have been accepted there. Apart from its elegant atmosphere, tourists can expect to find all types of snacks and meals. In the evening, try the Queen's Choice—a deluxe, three-layer dessert tower, that comes with a choice of excellent teas, coffees or juices. For dinner, try their Consul-style meals or snacks, like the Blue Fin Tuna Dumplings; made with fresh, seasonal tuna, these dumplings are sweet, juicy and ideal for the summer. --By Monica Lin, translated by Ann Lee

75 Lounge & Grill

(07) 566-8666
1, TzuChiang 3rd Rd, LingYa District, 75F, Kaohsiung City (The Splendor Kaohsiung)
Hours: Mon-Fri
6 pm-2 am; Sat & Sun
12 pm-2 am
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge. Parking available. Smoking allowed.

Without a doubt the highest place in Kaohsiung to enjoy a top-tier meal and a great view is the 75 Lounge and Grill, located in 85 Sky Tower. After taking the high-speed elevator (NT$200) up to the 75th floor, you can start at the Grill, which is a relaxed and elegant restaurant with a fantastic menu. We sampled a mouth-watering, flaky Deep-Water Cod, a tender Filet Mignon in Red Wine Sauce with Half Lobster, and a delicious Spring Chicken. Although somewhat costly, these were world class meals. Once the night has started, head on over to the adjoining Lounge, and enjoy a cocktail and the live bands (Capsule + Firebeat) which play every night except Monday. The view of Kaohsiung city and harbor is spectacular, and with top-class meals with the highest view, 75 Lounge and Grill is one of the top spots in Kaohsiung. --By Sean Cooper, translated by Ann Lee, photos by Alon Klekner

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