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FYI SOUTH Magazine, Fall 2007.

Heti Forest

Heti Forest

Heti Forest

Heti Forest

Words & photos by Amelie Tseng, translated by Ann Lee

1, DingRui St
(07) 348-5252
11 am-10 pm

Located on YuCheng Road, Heti Forest is an artsy dining establishment that insists on providing customers with the healthiest cuisine. Heti uses a variety of fresh ingredients in all kinds of dishes, including a large selection of hot pots. All of the hot pot broth is made with a secret family recipe and brewed for 24 hours. Their Pumpkin Seafood Pot is most the most popular menu item; not only does it include the freshest seafood and vegetables, but the broth itself gets better as it sits—so enjoy it slowly. The Chinese Medicinal Healthy Pot is made with 11 different Chinese medicinal ingredients; along with a great taste, it supposed to be quite good for you.

Their economical, daily set meals include choices like the tender Rosemary Chicken Drumstick, or their steamed or slightly sauteed Celery with Stone Old Fish (Shilaoyu). These fish are quite expensive and usually only seen and used by chefs in hotels. The culinary techniques of the chefs here, especially when preparing their fabulous sauces, are all taught and supervised by five-star hotel chefs. Crispy Pork Ribs with Tangerine Sauce, three Taiwanese-style stir-fry dishes, chef's soup of the day, dessert, a seasonal fruit plate, and a beverage will cost you less than NT$200.

Apart from the meals, their beverage selection is also worth mentioning. Owner Mr. Cai used to run a cafe which provided quality coffee beans from around the world. He keeps up the tradition in Heti—all of their coffees are hand-brewed and served in a la carte style. Natural, never-from-concentrate juice is also available here. Try a Golden Vegetable and Fruit Juice, which is made with pumpkin, pineapple, apple, fresh milk and honey—it has a smooth texture and is no doubt good for your body. Heti Forest also serves herbal teas specially prepared by nutritionists. According to the staff, sweet, fruity teas can release tension and stress. Their afternoon tea set includes handmade baked goods and a choice of beverages.

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