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Tsai Shen Gen Organic Life

Tsai Shen Gen Organic Life

Tsai Shen Gen Organic Life

Tsai Shen Gen Organic Life

Text & photos by Amelie Tseng Translated by Ann Lee

283-1, SanDuo 2nd Rd, LingYa District
(07) 713-4968, ext. 9
Hour: 11 am-9 pm

On a mission to help protect the environment and enhance human life through healthy lifestyles, the group of people who run Tsai Shen Gen helps educate Taiwan about organic, eco-friendly eating habits. The first floor here is an organic produce market; the second floor is a healthy restaurant waiting to feed you homemade goodies. The restaurant gets fresh, organic produce and ingredients delivered to them bi-weekly. The group works in cooperation with organic farms around Tainan, so that consumers can enjoy high-quality organic goods at affordable prices.
Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also find other popular merchandise like Organic Vegetable Soup, Energy Soup, and other grain-based drinks. Besides food, the store sells eco-friendly cleaning products and daily necessities--they even have a home-delivery service for their merchandise.

The restaurant serves simple meal sets and table dishes, as well as group meals and take-out lunches. The cooks and servers really strive to clear up the common misconception that organic cooking necessitates vegetarian cooking. This, they say, is not the case. The set meals come with Energetic Rice, made with carrots, white mushrooms, oyster sauce and black peppers in a delicious broth. They also serve a fragrant Japanese, multi-grain rice. Chefs' recommendations include the Peppery Angelica and the Three-Cups Angelica.

Although many of the dishes here are served in large pots, family style, don't think that they are not quality dishes that took a lot of care to prepare. If you're into getting a little more green in your system then try a fibrous, organic meal at Tsai Shen Gen.

Tsai Shen Gen Organic Life Tsai Shen Gen Organic Life

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