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Grand Slam

Grand Slam

Enjoy chocolate and banana waffles anytime of day.

100, BoAi 3rd Rd, ZuoYing District
(07) 348-9090
Hour: 10 am-10 pm
Credit Cards accepted.

Located just under Fitness Factory ZuoYing, Grand Slam fills a long- needed niche in this area's restaurant scene. With a full all-day breakfast menu, it is quickly becoming the place to be for week-end breakfasts and brunches. The restaurant also offers great dinner choices, soups and a great selection of huge salads. Plus, Grand Slam has a full cafe menu with great specialty coffee choices, a really special hot chocolate, and plenty of revitalizing juices. A popular choice for many customers is one of Grand Slam's rich and thick milkshakes; from chocolate and vanilla to strawberry and Oreo cookie, they're all fantastic. Order a waffle to share with a friend; these come in flavors like Chocolate and Banana to Creamy Butter and real Canadian Maple Syrup. As far as decor goes, the restaurant is full of baseball memorabilia and reminiscent of 1950's, American diner. --Text by Sean Cooper, translated by Ann Lee

Grand Slam Grand Slam

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