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FYI SOUTH Magazine, October 2002. VOL.2 ISSUE 10

Pig & Whistle

199, SzuWei 4th Road, Lingya
Tel: (07) 330-1006
Hours: 7 pm -3 am; open until 5 am on holidays


Pig & Whistle- A British Pub with Pedigree
By Karen Schmitt Translated by Blankie Hsu

        "There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced than a good tavern..." (Dr. Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784)

         The Brits enjoy a distinguished heritage of taverns and pubs dating to the eleventh century. Early examples were simple roadhouses where travelers could drop by for a tankard of local brew. In time, pubs proved vital to the community taking on a life of their own as bona fide destinations and not just stopovers.

         Kaohsiung's Pig & Whistle is the destination for residents and folks just passing through. Rows of cut neckties, hung like garlands around the bar, supposedly reflect British custom - if a patron was caught wearing one, it would be sacrificed. Attire is casual at "the Pig," befitting a neighborhood pub. In fact, it is one of the most popular expat hangouts with plenty of good food and goings on to sustain the stay.

         Beer on tap includes: Corona (NT$150); Guiness (NT$240-large or NT$180-small); Calsberg (NT$189-large or NT$150-small) with a Happy Hour specials. Wines, spirits and mixed drinks are also standard fare.Fish & Chips (NT$280) a classic British combo of deep fried fish fillet and potatoes, is a favorite a la carte item. Lunch and dinner sets are available, complete with meat, fish or poultry entrees, salad, soup, beverage and dessert. .

         A big attraction, apart from the well stocked bar and Western-style menu, are live band performances featuring groups from Taiwan, South Africa, United Kingdom and Canada (Peace, the Diplomats, and Roxy perform Thursday through Sunday). Special parties, like the St Patrick's Day Bash, Halloween Happening and the Mud Olympig's Tournament, are another draw that help generate funds for charities. Jennifer Huang and Tim Clarke, who developed the British pub concept in Taipei in 1989, have recently acquired O'Malley's Irish Pub in Shanghai allowing for new entertainment dimensions in Kaohsiung.

         Home away from home service includes bar side ADSL links for laptops, satellite cable TV to catch worldwide sporting events as they happen, and honey glazed baked turkeys with all the trimmings for take-out, a hit with internationals at holiday time.

         If you're looking for a place to hang your hat for an hour or an evening, you won't do better than the Pig & Whistle, a British style pub with pedigree.


Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Special at NT$600 per person. RSVP by the 28th of November to get 10% discount.

Thanks Giving Dinner Special Menu (11/28)
Cream Of Pumpkin Soup
Smoked Salmon & Caesar Salad
Roast Turkey W/ Cranberry & Gravy
Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving Take Out
Turkey NT$1000 (half of bird)
NT$1800(Whole bird)
Pumpkin Pie NT$250
The turkey comes with all the trimmings and a whole bird can feed 15 adults.

(07) 330-1006 Kaohsiung Pig & Whistle
(03) 531-5099 Hsin Chu Pig & Whistle

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