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FYI SOUTH Magazine, November 2002. VOL.2 ISSUE 11

Dog Pig Art Cafe

131 Wufu 4th Road, 2~3F. Yen Cheng
(07) 521-2422


By Brad Loghrin / Translated by Sam Chien

       While driving along Wufu Road, I spotted the curious signboard for Dog Pig Art Cafe - a canine mounting a pig! What kind of place is this? I didn't dare go in alone. Later, a friend invited me there to see his solo performance of "Krapp's Last Tape" by Samuel Beckett. I've been back many times since.

       "Dopie", its nickname, is a bar/gallery/restaurant/coffeehouse/theater set in a loft reminiscent of alternative spaces of the 70's and 80's in New York and Toronto. Walls and columns are whitewashed concrete, pitted and chipped. The music of jazz greats plays in the background; art books are within easy reach. It's comfortable - like the home of a poor artist who shares whatever is on hand.

       The place opened four years ago and is the haven of alternative artists, musicians and performers - unique in South Taiwan. On my last visit, several dismembered chairs filled the exhibit area while IV bags hung from the ceiling. A huge black stain covered everything and a single metronome sat to one side. No, it wasn't an emergency ward gone awry. It was simply art. Kay Lin, Manager, explained that many are either afraid of art, or they just don't take time to notice. Owner, Leo Liu, wanted to create an environment where people would become comfortable with art - where they could meet friends and get close to art in all its shocking and subliminal forms. At "Dopie", people eat, drink and converse, but they can't ignore the art.

       Simple foods are offered: Singapore Chicken or Seafood with Wine Sauce over rice or noodles (NT$210); Pork, Beef, Seafood, Lamb or Clam Hot Pots (NT$260-NT$280); Red Wine Steak (NT$220); and Clam & Vegetable BBQ ($160); snacks are available. Beverages include 13 coffees (NT$60-NT$130), 16 teas and juices (NT$60-NT$160) and beer or wine (NT$120).

       The first Saturday each month is dedicated to original music, anything but pop. Exhibits are frequent. Minimal cover is charged for theater shows and other events. Anyone wanting to exhibit or perform should call Kay.

       About that signboard: the pig represents artists (creatively motivated) and the dog represents entrepreneurs (who cultivate opportunities). It's a good fit - one sure to stimulate the local art scene.

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