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FYI SOUTH Magazine, May 2004.



For inquiries or ideas, contact Andre at 0952482921.
354, JungHua 2nd Road, SanMin, Kaohsiung City


Near the corner of JungHua and TungMung roads is a place that is both a club and a bar. It is also a lounge and a studio, and many other things all in one. The best way to define it would have to be as a "venue for ideas."

Andre wants to offer Kaohsiung residents something unique. In his own words, he wants to "offer the community something unseen up to now--a place to do just about anything they want to do." So he has opened his house as a venue for bands to practice their music, artists to give outlet to their creative urges, socialites to host parties, and anyone with the slightest idea to come in and share it with other like-minded folks.

Of the huge five-storey house, the basement, three floors and the roof are open to the public. (People staying in the house take up the rest, and rooms are available for anyone interested.) The public domain includes lounge areas, a makeshift movie theatre (where DVDs can be projected onto the wall from a PC), a basement used for jamming sessions and a large studio complete with sound systems and other essentials.

The idea is for anyone needing a venue to get in touch with Andre, and then to see what can be done through collaborative effort. Barbeques, bands and bashes--he truly is up for anything. At least once a month, however, he hosts his own house party. Invitations go out through word of mouth, and rumor has it that these parties are memorable. On any given night though, the best way to think of going to Andre's would be as visiting a friend. Bring your own refreshments and an open mind.

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