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FYI SOUTH Magazine, July 2004.

Roof Lounge: A View From The Top

15F, 165 LinSen 1st Rd., Kaohsiung City
(07) 241-6666
Hours : 5 pm-4 am


Can this be Kaohsiung? That's likely to be your first question as you walk onto the outside section of Roof Lounge and take in the view for the first time. Your second question will probably be: Why haven't I been here before?

Perfectly placed in downtown Kaohsiung (within walking distance of the train station, if you don't mind a decent stroll), Roof Lounge offers a spectacular view of the city from comfortable tables. The outside section is intimate without ever getting cramped.
After your initial awe at the main attraction, you'll quickly notice that the rest of Roof Lounge is equally impressive. There are spacious, stylish couches arranged around a large bar. The decor is elegant and unobtrusive, yet colorful enough to remind you that you are here for a good time. They also sport private booths and a music selection area.
Roof Lounge recently added a private dancefloor, called Indoor. In keeping with their style and grace, Indoor is a separate section and once the doors are closed you can hardly believe that inside they are playing upbeat, contemporary dance music. There is a small bar to refresh yourself, and--of course--the splendor of the lounge area to go and chill out after a frenetic session on the floor.

Roof Lounge serves Southeast Asian food, superbly prepared and presented and truly delicious. From the bar you can select anything from imported beers (from NT$180) to world-class wines to single-malts. All to be enjoyed in an elegant atmosphere and inspirational setting. Can you put a price on that? If your answer is yes, you might not be asking the next question: When can I go again?

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