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FYI SOUTH Magazine, September 2004.


VIVA Disco Lounge
126, JhongHua(JungHua) 3rd Rd., CianJin(ChienJin), Kaohsiung City
(07) 285-8777
Hours : 9 pm-4 am



First there was Vivid. Stylish, chic and undeniably intimate. The owners, realizing the demand they had spurred, and in keeping with their pro-active business philosophy, made their next move. And thus VIVA came into being.

VIVA has the same basic layout as Vivid. There are two floors, each sporting its own bar. Plush couches offer a degree of privacy, without cutting you off from what's happening. From above you have a view of the dance floor, and just enough distance from the music to enjoy conversation. Upon closer inspection one appreciates the attention to detail and the effort that has gone into making VIVA fashionable, comfortable, and conducive to having a good time.

This is carried through to their other offerings. Along with an assortment of beers and fine wines, they serve some of the best snacks to be found, all meticulously prepared and presented. Try their cocktails--jugs of fresh fruit juice over crushed ice with a spirit of your choice. The capable barmen are willing and able to accommodate strange requests, and do so with flair.

The management aims to satisfy the demands of their clientele, and almost every night something is happening. Wednesday is Hip Hop Night; Thursday is Ladies Nights. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are often guests DJs.To find out more, contact Addison at (07) 285-8777, or visit www.viva-discolounge.com. Event guides are available at the door.

The occasional Frisky Parties, held in collaboration with Rob Solo, deserve a special mention. These events tend to draw Kaohsiung's hippest crowds, and should be in the diary of every discerning partygoer.

VIVA generally asks for a NT$300 minimum charge per guest.

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