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FYI SOUTH Magazine, January 2005.

Cocktail Of The Month

cocktail of the month

_Big Rose Bang
155, JhongCi Rd (TaiZhongGang Rd in Shalu), Shalu (Opposite Providence University)
(04) 2631-9793
Hours: Only open Thurs.-Sat. evenings.




By Courtney Donovan Smith Translated by Iva Huang

Bar: Big Rose Bang
Bartender: Lucy Chen
Cocktail: Concrete Mixer

Big Rose Bang, nestled at the foot of Dadu Mountain in Shalu township and directly across from Providence and Hong Kwang universities on TaiZhongGang (Taichung Harbor) Road, is a fun and funky little spot to mix it up with college students and a handful of Shalu foreign residents. From the outside, the place looks deceptively small, with only the narrow upstairs bar area upstairs. Downstairs is a full stage, a large projection screen and large bar.
Soon-to-married co-owners Andrew Marychurch and Lucy Chen showed me one of their house favorites: the Concrete Mixer. Though not technically a cocktail, this drink is a lot more fun than most. The taste is sweet and tart, and a bit like ice cream.

* 1 shot glass Amarula
* 1 shot glass Lime Juice Cordial


Pour the shot glasses to the brim. Pour the Amarula into mouth, keeping it there. Quickly pour the lime juice cordial into mouth. Shake head vigorously to mix ingredients. Swallow.

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