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FYI SOUTH Magazine, February 2005.

JuXing Disco

62, TzChiang 3 Rd, 6F, KaoHsiung City; (07) 269-5161
Hours¡G8 pm-6 am



Kaoshiung has not seen such a large disco for a while now. This disco is surprising not only because of its 700 ping large area, but also its variety of entertainment content. The multi level dance floor has the country's only multi-color fiber optic laser beam. There is also a large computerised LED light show up top. The disco is separated into three areas. Bands from three countries, with eight lead singers and four musicians in each band, hence a total of 24 singers perform on rotation amongst the big and small stages simultaneously. Twelve DJs from different countries take turns to strut their stuff on stage. Two DJs with four turntables display their skills in scratching and mixing. Exotic dancers from around the world perform Vegas style dance numbers during breaks. The disco can accommodate up to 1500 people. Weekdays admission is NT$350, weekend admission is NT$600 (admission can be redeemed in form of drinks/ food/ services) JuXing Disco is set to become the largest disco in South East Asia. The owners hope that it will be a normal and straight entertainment center, hence their motto, "You take drugs, we call the police." Their determination in this matter is apparent. So all you dance lovers, hurry on to JuXing Disco to see what it's all about! --By Catherine Liu, translated by Cara Steenstra

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