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FYI SOUTH Magazine, July 2005.

Keep Walking

323, SinTian Rd, B1, Kaohsiung City
(07) 241-6056
Hours:Mon~Fri6 pm-2 am; Sat & Sun12 am till late.
Visa and Master cards accepted.

By Leifson McEnroe Translated by Annie Liu

Located in the alley behind HanShin department store, is an exquisite and mysteriously atmospheric lounge bar and restaurant called Keep Walking. (Although their name and signage is the same as Johnnie Walker's now famous campaign, they are not affiliated with the brand.) Literally underground, Keep Walking is in the basement, which means you have to go downstairs to be able to enjoy one of their creatively mixed and named specialty drinks. You won't be disappointed. There are more than 50 kinds of mixed drinks to choose from, priced between NT$160 and NT$320. They also have tea, coffee, sodas and juice, all in the NT$120 range. Keep Walking sell bottles of imported wine, and harder stuff like Whiskey, Brandy and Vodka. Beers like Corona and Smirnoff come with a special "buy two get one free" deal.

If you get hungry, try their food! Keep Walking has many kinds of dishes for you to choose from, such as Ribs, Black Pepper Beef, Apple Grilled Lamb and Spicy Chicken Wings. Not to mention fries with onion rings, Hawaiian Pizza, German Sausage, Chicken Wrap, Smoked Salmon, Iceland Cod Liver, Sweet and Spicy Sugarcane Shrimp Salad, and Ham with Black Pepper. (All the dishes mentioned above are priced between NT$180 to NT$350.) They also serve a set meal, consisting of noodles and rice, salad, entree, vegetables and soup, which costs around NT$180. Note that the set meal has to include at least a cup of tea or coffee which costs a further NT$120.

Keep Walking prides themselves on their great service, so much so that if you feel cold, they will hand you a small blanket! The intimate setting, uncommon drinks, ambient music and almost secretive location makes Keep Walking the perfect place to enjoy a private evening. And if it happens to be your birthday, you buy one and get one free.


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