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FYI SOUTH Magazine, August 2005.

ATT Music

83, JianGuo 3rd Rd., B1, Kaohsiung City (near Kaohsiung Train Station)
(07) 285-8530, Tony - 0958-533-371
Hours: ATT Music Shop:
Mon - Sat 2 pm-11 pm
ATT Music Club: Open until 3 pm for events

--By Pieter Vorster Transiated by Annie Liu

ATT has been around in Kaohsiung for a long time, during which it has been the venue for many memorable parties, bands and other performances. Recently, ATT has expanded their offering by opening a music shop right next to the well-known venue. They stock a wide selection of guitars and accessories, DJ equipment (mixing tables), vinyl records and sound equipment. They even have hard-to-come-by magazines and some die-hard rock 'n roll T-shirts. Musicians and bands are free to drop by and try out some of the equipment in a comfortable, supportive setting. In fact, anyone interested in music is welcome. Event organisers will be interested to know that ATT Music Shop rents out sound equipment and speakers at very competitive prices. For more information, contact Tony.

The other part of ATT is their club. This venue can comfortably accommodate a crowd and is permanently set up to host bands or DJs. They sport a functioning bar and must be one of the easiest places to deal with for hosting almost any kind of event. Largely due to their experience and easy-going attitude. For more info on hosting events at ATT Club, contact Tony.
So how does this affect those of us who are simply looking for a fun evening out? Well, if you keep your eyes and ears open, you will know that ATT have regular events, ranging from live bands to dance competitions, all of which are well worth attending. These events are usually promoted through flyers, posters and word-of-mouth. One drawback is that ATT can be hard to find. When directly facing the Kaohsiung Station on JianGuo road, walk two blocks left and turn left (at the traffic light) into the alley that has the Family Mart on the corner. You will see the orange sign over the entrance. Then simply go in, downstairs to the basement and let the good times roll...


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