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FYI SOUTH Magazine, January 2006.


14, LinHai 3rd Road, GuShan District, Kaohsiung
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Hours:Everyday 11:30 am-2 am

---By David Barker Translated by Annie Liu

Have you ever been on vacation in a tropical place, and stumbled across an irresistibly funky restaurant with tasty, cheap food? Have you ever thought: Wow, this place is cool! I wish there was a place like this back home (wherever home may be)!? Well, Duplex was designed with exactly this kind of idea in mind. Brought to the residents of Kaohsiung by the same folks behind the well-known and ever-popular Roof Lounge, Duplex was created to feel like a stylish South-east Asian vacation resort.

Located in a beautiful one-hundred-year-old house, a stone's throw from the harbour, Duplex definitely has a style of its own. The interior design is first class, without sacrificing any comfort. The atmosphere is high-end, but low-key, making it ideal for the setting. An interesting combination of twisting vines, dark hardwood, stained glass, bright orange frescoes and a dazzling display of surf paraphernalia, the decor will start your tastebuds tingling before you even see the menu.

The cuisine at Duplex is primarily made up of Thai and Malaysian, with dishes starting at NT$80. The selection of Thai noodles, fresh fish and spicy vegetables is particularly enticing. You may decide to enjoy a tropical cocktail with your meal. It should be noted, however, that Duplex offers Kaohsiung's largest array of Vodkas - a full 73 varieties! And, of course, they stock all the regular drinks you would expect to find.

Duplex caters effortlessly to a young, stylish crowd in downtown Kaohsiung. The music is "lounge" and the atmosphere is funky. Whether it is an occasion, or simply a quiet night out, get some friends together and enjoy good times and tasty South-East Asian fare at Kaohsiung's funkiest new spot, Duplex.

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