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FYI SOUTH Magazine, March 2006.

New Orleans Jazz Pub

42, MinSheng 1st Road, SinSing District, 1F, Kaohsiung
(07) 226-1915
Hours:Everyday 7 pm-4 am
(Live music: Friday & Saturday 9:30 pm-12 pm; Sunday 9:30 pm-11 pm)
Visa and Mastercards accepted.

---By Mike Brown Translated by Annie Liu

Those who relish the chance to unwind with a few jazz sets may feel a bit daunted, and often downright frustrated in Kaohsiung. But the city is blessed with a mellow little jazz pub that will provide an occasional reprieve from the needle-in-the-haystack effort of jazz lovers to find some soothing tunes. The New Orleans Jazz Pub, open since 2002, is just the place to close one's eyes while secretly imagining being in the Big Easy. (The owners have decided that foreigners need not pay the 10% service charge, and there is no minimum charge.)

With a seating capacity of seventy, the Jazz Pub can easily be rented out to accommodate parties. Although the menu lists only drinks in English, translation of food items is coming soon. Drink options include Heineken, Corona and other bottled beers (NT$100) and a fine variety of cocktails (NT$250 - NT$350). Customers can choose from a variety of finger foods, such as Lamb Chops with an excellent mustard sauce (NT$280), and a Tofu Hot Plate (NT$180), which is sure to please the palate. Hot pots and set menus are also available until closing time.

The Jazz Pub, with a balcony of tables overlooking the grand piano below, and ample booth seating just a few steps away across the hardwood floor from the stage, was laid out with easy listening in mind. There are also two cozy clusters of love seats surrounding coffee tables on both floors, perfect for small groups of friends. If you enjoy tapping a finger or two to the rhythms of the double bass - played skillfully by the owner, Mr. Yan (who gladly takes requests) - and having a date cuddling closely, this joint is a surefire method of stress relief after a long-week's workload.

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