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FYI SOUTH Magazine, August 2006.

Keep Walking B1 Lounge and Restaurant

323, SinTian Road, B1, Kaohsiung City (Directly behind HanShin department store.)
(07) 241-6056
Hours:Mon - Thu 6 pm-2 am; Friday - Sun 6 pm-3 am

---By Dawn Reid Translated by Annie Liu

Think white, think basic, think pure-that's the idea behind the newly redone Keep Walking Lounge Bar. This isn't hard to do as you descend from the small alley behind HanShin department store into a subterranean white wonderland where a crystal chandelier lights the room. Besides the low sofas, there is a DJ booth in front of a wide screen T.V. and bar, all white as snow.

Well-stocked would be an understatement as Keep Walking probably has the largest selection of cocktails and mixed drinks this end of the island. With over 50 to choose from your guess is as good as anyone's as to what the contents may be, especially with names like French Kiss, Bull Fighting, Ferrari and Narcotic Analgesics. The cocktails range from NT$180 to NT$220 and you get more than you pay for. Besides cocktails they also sell spirits (by the glass or bottle) and beer (Heineken/Corona is buy 1 get 1 free - NT$130), as well as a selection of Belgian beers (NT$180). Non-alcoholic options are diverse and delicious with juices, teas, yogurt shakes, sodas and coffees to choose from (NT$120 - NT$150).

Being a lounge bar they also have a good selection of food with French fries (NT$180) and Nachos (NT$180) alongside Papaya Salad (NT$200), Chicken Quesadillas (NT$220) and Pizza (NT$200 - NT$220). Between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. you can enjoy happy hour and get 20% off. As student life often puts a strain on your drinking funds you will receive a free drink on Tuesdays and Thursdays by showing your student card. On the other hand, if you plan to spend a bit of money (NT$20,000 or more) you will get a VIP card which entitles you to one free cocktail Monday or Wednesday nights and buy 1 bottle get 1 free during your birthday month!


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