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FYI SOUTH Magazine, September 2006.

Black House Lounge and Restaurant

---By Mike Brown Translated by Annie Liu

472, CiSian 2nd Road, YenCheng District, Kaohsiung
(07) 533-0323
Hours:Weekdays 7 pm-3 am;
Weekends 7 pm-4 am

When you think about the typical lounge bar, adjectives such as hip and urbane come to mind. Lazing about in plush sofas, sipping unique cocktails and engaging in casual conversation complete the picture. Unfortunately, because these establishments often focus too much on creating ambience and trendy vibes, quality cuisine is sometimes neglected. Black House Restaurant Lounge earns the right to use 'restaurant' in its moniker because, not only does it fit the above descriptions, it offers outstanding food and drink items as well.

Black House's imaginative drinks and innovative dishes are the key to its future success. The NT$250 Black Pepper Pork Ribs warrant instant applause, and the Thai Style Beef Slices (NT$180) merit near-equal exaltation. Other notables are the Chicken Cheese Rolls (NT$220) and Chicken (NT$150). Depending on your mood, drinks can be designed upon request. Alternatively, ask for the latest, not-on-the-menu, cocktails. Though there is a deliberate dearth of commonplace drinks here, delight at the plethora of their numerous alcoholic infusions.

Ocean Breeze, a seaweed and tequila concoction, is a must try, as is the vodka-based blended berry, Red Original Mud (both NT$220). Open since July, this restaurant lounge is from the owner of both the popular Keep Walking B1 Lounge next to Hanshin, and Exit Lounge near MinZu Dollars, but all three have distinctive atmospheres. The crowd at Black House tends to be professionals in their later twenties and thirties, but as the manager states, "you don't have to dress up to feel like you're at home here." To top it all off, the wait staff is eager to assist patrons in their menu selections and offer valuable suggestions for new and returning customers alike. They even offer blankets for greater lounging pleasure. With such thoroughness in all they do, stopping in at Black House Restaurant Lounge is well worth it.


Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.



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