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FYI SOUTH Magazine, November 2006.


---Written and translated by Monica Lin and Sean Cooper Photos by Jimmy Kang

(07) 951-3082
10, SihWei 4th Road, B1, LingYa District, Kaohsiung
Hours:Weekdays 9 pm-3 am
Weekends 9 pm-4 am
Visa and Mastercards accepted.
10% service charge added.

Private Party is about to rock Kaohsiung's club scene with its style and atmosphere. After their grand opening in October they are looking to be Kaohsiung's answer to Taipei's club scene. With over 200 ping of space (divided into two large rooms, each with its own DJ booth and bar) PP can accommodate over 700 people for mixing and grooving. The two rooms (Black & White) are separated by musical preference. White plays House, Salsa, Jazz, Classical Disco and Latin and its large dance floor and comfortable sofas invite you to dance and unwind. The Black room is devoted to hip hop and R&B grooves.

PP is a membership club, which has definite advantages. An initial membership costs NT$400 (over and above the NT$400 entrance fee). From then on you keep paying entrance fee each time you go, but now all of it gets credited on a micro-chipped card you can use towards any food or drink for that night. For non-members, the entrance fee is NT$600, of which NT$400 is given as credit. Once your card has less than NT$100, you can either add more money to the card, or let the bartender take it back to be recycled again for the next club goer.

PP is connected with Luxy in Taipei, which means some of Taipei's best and brightest DJs and acts will come down south on a regular basis. They're also associated with Taiwan music label Rolling Stone, so PP will have performances from some of Taiwan's great up and coming singers and groups. General Manager Jacky is focused on quality and safety. He wants Kaohsiung to have the same excellence of music and ambiance that is regularly associated with Taipei's nightlife. He is adamant that PP be a safe club for people of all nationalities and stay that way.

FYI South is required to remind you not to drink and drive.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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