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FYI SOUTH Magazine, Fall 2007.

Cocktail: Sexy Strap

Cocktail: Sexy Strap

Cocktail: Sexy Strap

Cocktail: Sexy Strap

Cocktail: Sexy Strap

By Leif McE Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Jimmy Kang

Private Party
10, SihWei 4th Rd, B1, LingYa District
(07) 951-3080
Hour: weekdays 9:30 pm-3:30 am ;
Tuh, Fri, Sat and before the holidays 9:30 pm-4:30 am

Bartender: Corry

Feeling insatiable in the city at night? Couldn't figure out where to get a good drink on the weekend? Take our advice and try the fantastic cocktail "Sexy Strap".

Head bartender Corry has provided his guests with this extraordinary cocktail. The sweetness from the banana blends the heady alcohol and milk to create a perfect start to your night out.

Ingredients :
Baileys 1 oz
Kahlua 1 oz
Amaretto 1 oz
Cider 1/2 oz
Half of a fresh banana
Milk 2 oz

Put the ingredients all together into the blender with ice and blend until it becomes smoothie-like. Get a nice glass, pour it in. Decorate it with some cherries, a sliced apple or lemon wedge for garnish.

Private Party has just returned to the clubbing battlefield and boasts that they are the only full-time House music club in town. With two big rooms and a great line-up of talent, PP is making a comeback as the place to be.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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