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FYI SOUTH Magazine, Fall 2007.





By Monica Lin Translated by Ann Lee
Photos by Jimmy Kang

169, JhongHua 4th Rd, LingYa District
(07) 269-1298
Hour: 9 pm-5 am

Nail, located on the corner of JhongHua 4th and SinTian roads, has been in business for over three years in Kaohsiung. The name 'Nail' might sound familiar, as it was the name of the original Nail bar that was opened on RenAi Road about 10 years ago. The new Nail is an adequately-sized bar that has two floors-the second floor space is for VIPs (minimum charge of NT$3,000). The first floor is more of an open-style lounge area where you and your friends and relax and unwind. The majority of tunes played at Nail are trendy English pop songs that cater to a younger crowd and the client base is mostly office workers.

Nail sells a good selection of single malt whiskeys. In addition to the typical stock seen in retail stores, they have harder-to-find selections like Dewar's 15 Years (NT$200) and Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 12 Years (NT$200). The experienced bartender will "nail" your drink, whether it be cocktail like the sweet, sassy Singapore Sling (新加坡司令, NT$250) or Nail's Special (釘子特調,NT$100), which is made with lime, white citrus and cherry brandy. The Kamikaze (神風特攻隊, NT$220), a familiar drink to many, has just the right amount of sweet and bitter, but packs quite a punch. Buy before 11 p.m. and your beer is only NT$100 a bottle. The minimum charge is only NT$200 per person.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.

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